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Amazon Unveils Q: Your New Office AI Buddy

Amazon’s new A.I. chatbot, Q

Amazon has just announced its entry into the AI chatbot race, joining the ranks of OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Bard chatbot, and Microsoft's Copilots.

But unlike its competitors, Q isn't designed for your home - it's here to make your work life easier.

Developed by Amazon's cloud computing division, Amazon Q is all about assisting employees with daily tasks. Need a strategy document summarised? Q's got your back. Struggling with internal support tickets? Let Q take care of it. Uncertain about company policy? Just ask Q.

Adam Selipsky, the CEO of Amazon Web Services, envisions Q as a "work companion for millions and millions of people in their work life." Amazon is determined to shake off the perception of lagging behind in the AI competition. The unveiling of Q follows Amazon's recent $4 billion investment in Anthropic, an AI start-up that competes with OpenAI, and the development of advanced computing chips.

Security and privacy were top of mind when designing Q. Amazon has built Q to be more secure and private than a consumer chatbot. Q can emulate the same security permissions that business customers have already set up for their users. For instance, if a marketing employee doesn't have access to sensitive financial forecasts, Q won't provide that employee with such financial data when asked.

Amazon Q isn't built on a specific AI model. Instead, it uses an Amazon platform known as Bedrock, which connects several AI systems together, including Amazon’s own Titan as well as ones developed by Anthropic and Meta.

The name Q is a playful nod to the word "question", reflecting the chatbot’s conversational nature. It also pays homage to the character Q in the James Bond novels and a powerful "Star Trek" figure.

With pricing starting at $20 per user each month, Amazon Q is a competitive option for businesses looking to streamline their operations with AI. So, are you ready to welcome Q to your team?

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