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  • Mal McCallion

Amazon Leverages Generative AI to Upgrade Product Reviews

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

In a move to enhance the customer shopping experience, Amazon has announced it will utilise generative AI to summarise product reviews.

This innovative step aims to help customers understand the consensus about a product without the need to sift through numerous individual reviews.

The retail giant plans to present a brief paragraph of text on the product detail page, highlighting the product features and customer sentiment echoed across the reviews. This summary will offer customers a quick understanding of the common themes across the reviews.

Amazon will also spotlight key product attributes as clickable buttons. For instance, customers interested in the product's "ease of use" or "performance" can tap a button to view only those reviews mentioning these terms.

Initially, these AI-powered features will be rolled out to a subset of U.S. shoppers on mobile devices across a wide range of products. Amazon will use this testing phase to learn and fine-tune its AI models to enhance their effectiveness. The company also plans to expand the highlights feature to include additional categories as it becomes more widely available to customers.

However, the effectiveness of AI summaries depends on the quality of the data they ingest. Amazon has faced challenges with fake and misleading product reviews, including paid reviews. In response, the company has taken measures such as blocking fake reviews and suing sellers who bought fake reviews.

To address concerns around fake reviews, Amazon has stated it will only summarise reviews from verified purchases. The company continues to invest "significant resources" to proactively stop fake reviews, employing machine learning models and expert investigators to detect and prevent fake reviews from appearing in their store.

The use of generative AI in summarising product reviews is a significant step in enhancing the customer shopping experience. However, it also highlights the ongoing challenge of ensuring the authenticity and quality of customer reviews in the digital retail space.

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