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  • Mal McCallion

All Work and All Play

What's that? A game where you get paid for 'working'?

In a move that is, without doubt, one that will appeal to a generation of gamers hoping that their careers won't get in the way of their true calling, here's Ikea offering a dream job - 'work' in one of their virtual stores on a digital platform and get paid for doing so.

There are a lot of questions:

  1. What qualifications do you need?

  2. How much will you actually get paid - and will it cover 'Minimum Wage' laws in the UK?

  3. Exactly how much what proportion of your youth must you have misspent playing on Roblox?

In all seriousness, this is worth paying attention to. It's a world-renowned retailer making a grab for headlines - and, in all probability, a future pipeline of in-real-life recruits - by offering something that's completely new.

I am old enough to remember the confusion that websites first engendered in our industry - when the idea of having a 'website', a 'shop window online', was so freaky it took at least a decade before every agent was really there. Many fell by the wayside along the way - and many of the biggest ones today took that leap early.

Having an estate agency inside a computer game, where you may pay people for leads ... is that really so far away? I think, with AI, it's much closer than we might think - and it might just be worth giving it some consideration, as Ikea clearly is, right now.

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