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AI Chatbot CARES Copilot 1.0 Aids Brain Surgeons in China

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China is taking a leap into the future of healthcare, testing an AI assistant for neurosurgeons at seven hospitals across Beijing and other cities.

This initiative is one of many backed by the government as part of its drive to harness the power of AI technology.

The AI model, based on Meta Platforms Inc.'s Llama 2.0, was introduced by a Hong Kong-based agency under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The model has been trained with papers, medical journals and manuals to act as a surgical consultant for doctors, according to Liu Hongbin, the centre's executive director.

This healthcare-focused model, named the CARES Copilot 1.0, is expected to answer questions with citations from over a million academic records. Moreover, it should be capable of processing diagnostic data such as MRI, ultrasound or CT scans, as well as images, text and audio. The ultimate goal is for the AI to take on a more active role, such as warning doctors against risky procedures.

Despite challenges like restricted computing power due to banned access to Nvidia's advanced chips, the team remains optimistic. As Feng Ming, chief physician at the Peking Union Medical College Hospital's neurosurgery department, points out, they can develop a vertical model with their own characteristics using high-quality data from top mainland hospitals, a resource not available to OpenAI and many domestic private companies. This pioneering use of AI in healthcare is indeed a promising step towards the future.

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