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Where will AI help your business the most?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

McKinsey is back with another chunky and important dive into AI.

This is a quick TL;DR on the three areas of your business that ought to be getting the most from AI already, as evidenced by those that are already adopting it.

Marketing / Sales

  1. Personalisation: Learning how people interact with your product or service, and what's important to them as individuals, is made simple with AI oversight.

  2. Optimisation: What is the best time to send a campaign? Do different cohorts display different behaviours? How can you target them for maximum uptake?

  3. Summarisation: Uploading data files and asking AI to summarise is one of the most effective ways for you to know what's working - and what you therefore need to do more of.

Product Development

  1. Innovation: Get ideas from AI on what to build, how to build it then how to test what you've built.

  2. Acceleration: AI can pull in code, can check that it works and then can tell you when and how to deploy it, supercharging the pace of your development.

  3. Democratisation: You will have a team member with a more technical bent who can pick this up and run with it, rather than having to employ a specialist to do it.


  1. Automation: Wherever there is a repetitive task being performed, ask AI how to automate it and you'll find productivity improvements everywhere.

  2. Regulation: Oversight of what is happening on the ground and ensuring that quality is maintained across the board is something AI picks up easily.

  3. Conservation: Efficiency not only saves time, it also ensures that resources are deployed appropriately.

There is much more that can be tackled once AI becomes part of your day-to-day, but start with these - and, if you need any help, just let us at ModelProp know via!

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