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Volkswagen Integrates ChatGPT for Interactive Car Conversations

Image credits: Cesar Salazar / Unsplash

Volkswagen is set to revolutionise the way we interact with our vehicles.

The automaker recently unveiled its plans to integrate ChatGPT, an advanced conversational AI, into its cars by mid-year. The announcement was made at the CES electronics trade fair in Las Vegas, where Volkswagen showcased its first vehicles featuring the technology.

In collaboration with Cerence, Volkswagen has designed its voice assistant to recognise and respond to a wide array of commands. From adjusting the temperature in response to "I'm feeling cold" to locating the nearest Indian restaurant when it hears "I want butter chicken", the AI is primed to make the driving experience more intuitive and hands-free.

Volkswagen's board member for technical development, Kai Gruenitz, believes this development aligns with customer preferences for seamless, voice-controlled vehicle functionality. The integration of ChatGPT marks Volkswagen as the first volume manufacturer to make such technology a standard feature in its compact segment cars.

However, critics argue that this advancement, while a step forward, falls short of the AI breakthroughs anticipated a few years ago, particularly in the realm of fully autonomous vehicles. Despite this, automakers remain optimistic about the potential of AI in enhancing the driving experience.

Other automakers, like General Motors and Mercedes-Benz, have also dabbled in similar AI integrations, highlighting the growing trend towards smarter, more interactive vehicles.

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