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Voicemod Unveils New Features for Personalised AI Voices

Voicemod, the popular AI voice changing program, is taking a giant leap in personalisation. With its latest features, users can now create their own unique synthetic voices from scratch and share them with the world.

Previously, Voicemod offered over 100 AI voice options, including celebrity impersonations and fantasy characters. Now, the new AI Voice Creator feature allows users to craft a unique synthetic voice, choosing from a variety of genders, ages, and tones.

But the personalisation doesn't stop there. With Voicelab, users can fine-tune their synthetic voices, adjusting pitch, volume, and frequency, and even adding audio effects. According to Voicemod, this results in an almost "unlimited" number of voices.

Once users have created their bespoke AI voices, they can share them on Community Voices, a platform that also allows access to other users' creations.

Voicemod CEO and co-founder, Jaime Bosch, explained that the company has essentially created a tool that lets users start with a voice 'persona' generated by AI, adjust various parameters and effects, and create an entirely new AI-powered voice.

As AI voice technology becomes more prevalent, legal issues around voice cloning are minimal since voices are not copyrightable. Voicemod's new features, which focus on creating new voices rather than replicating existing ones, further sidestep any potential legal concerns.

Voicemod is available for both macOS and Windows 10 and 11, so why not give your online persona a unique voice today?

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