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  • Mal McCallion


I've often talked about 2023 being the year of text and image AI and 2024 being the year of audio and video.

And here, hot on the heels of the incredible Suno AI ditty that blew Rolling Stone magazine away, comes a venture backed by serious investors and artists - Udio has, the co-founder of Instagram and a bunch of other angel investors like 'Common' who I am way too old to know about. Also a16z have put in and the venture has the distinct advantage of being founded by former Google Deepmind researchers.

This ought to be good, right?

Well, have a listen. I'm always a bit sceptical of demos that you can't play with but if it can do even half of what it showcases here then Suno has a serious competitor already.

These two alone going head-to-head would be amazing. I'd bet there are another three of four rushing to release quickly, before Suno gets away from them in the same way that Chat-GPT and OpenAI got away from Google and Microsoft.

You're not going to have to listen to the same deepchill mix that you've had on for the last 15 years anymore. Just type what you want. It looks amazing.

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