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  • Mal McCallion

Video of the Week: Meta 3D Gen

OK, so bear with me here - this racoon with a pizza is relevant to the property market, I promise.

Generative AI (GenAI) is all about prediction. Essentially every 'prompt' you give one of these systems is instructing it to find the most likely, excellent response to this. Their power is based on an extraordinary statistical analysis of what words, sounds, pictures or video frames most frequently come after such a combination of your words (or images, docs, etc) from everything on the internet, ever.

This video shows some powerful new GenAI from Meta (aka Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram) AI. What it's doing is taking a prompt (eg 'a pug made out of metal') and building the most likely 3D model of it. Then, it's overlaying the entity with any texture that you like (one of which is 'horror film', amusingly).

So where does this fit into the property market? It won't be long before we can render static images into 3D renders - so your photos of a property's interior can quickly be made into a full video (there's a system called SMERF that looks really promising, for anyone that wants to geek-out a bit more on this).

In addition, you'll be able to furnish a property that you like in your own style, with your own colour scheme and preferred materials, from your keyboard. At ModelProp we're already enabling you to remove all furniture and add in some high quality replacements via Virtual Stager - but this will take it to the next level.

Racoons with pizzas aren't going to feature regularly in your life going forwards - but this one is likely to represent a technology that will change all of ours, forever.

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