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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Meet Devin, the AI software developer

Been a busy couple of weeks for amazing videos, so this one had to wait - but it's another incredible demo of the pace at which AI is moving.

Devin is the creation of Cognition AI. It basically acts as a software developer, trying to complete tasks that otherwise would be worked by a human. This drive to replace expensive, complex human work with AI is not going to end here - but it's a huge step forward, and one that has a number of very smart people predicting that software development - something that didn't exist when my parents started going to work - may not last my kids' journeys through their careers.

The facts are that Devin completes 'only' 14% of software development tasks on its own right now and human oversight is essential. But for how long? Others will be looking at this and will build on it, as will Cognition AI.

Everyone is going to need a view on how AI is going to impact their businesses, careers - and those of the people that work for them. At ModelProp, we're here to chat through that process with you whenever you need - we believe that 'AI literacy' is going to be the most important skill you can learn in the next months and years ...


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