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  • Mal McCallion


Those who have been following the tech space for a while might just about remember Magic Leap. Founded way back in 2010, it was a hugely popular investment opportunity popularising the idea of augmented reality (AR) for companies. Its headset wasn't for playing games, it was for understanding your organisation and its assets.

Having been valued at $6.4Bn in 2019, its value plummeted to $450m in 2020, largely because of the pandemic but also because of its lacklustre Magic Leap One device and perennial delays to its rollouts. (It was called a 'vapourware company selling fake technology' in 2016 and has struggled to reclaim its previous tech darling status.)

However, they're hoping that you'll have forgotten all of that by the time you finish this video! It's very cool. If it happens - big 'if' - then it might just change things pretty fundamentally. But they're no longer a main player in this arena - Apple's VisionPro is the big dog, plus Meta, Google and others are working furiously to catch up - so perhaps it's too late?


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But still, cool video! Perhaps it's enough to make you forget that your Magic Leap One is being sunsetted this December, so it'll be useless except as a paperweight to amuse your friends with in the years to come ...

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