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UK's Mould Crisis: Property Industry Raises Alarm

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The National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) has issued a stark warning about a growing mould crisis in the UK.

The association reports an alarming increase in mould infestations inside properties, and it's a problem that's set to escalate, impacting many tenants in the coming year.

Jonathan Rolande, a spokesperson for the NAPB, is advocating for a nationwide awareness campaign to boost understanding and information about this escalating issue. He emphasises that damp and mouldy homes are not just uncomfortable but can pose significant health risks.

"The cost of living crisis is only exacerbating this issue. I'm witnessing an uptick in mould cases in properties I'm viewing and in images shared by industry colleagues," Rolande explains.

The primary culprits for property dampness, according to Rolande, are rain, rising damp, and condensation. Rain can penetrate homes through porous external walls or defective guttering or roofing, creating an ideal environment for mould growth. With the UK experiencing increasing amounts of torrential rainfall, this problem is only set to worsen.

Rising damp can also be an issue, especially in older properties where the damp proof course (DPC) may have been breached. Lastly, condensation from cooking or showering can contribute to dampness if not adequately ventilated.

Rolande emphasises the importance of proper ventilation to allow moisture to escape, stating, "Many people don’t ventilate adequately in an effort to preserve warmth in the home."

This mould crisis is yet another challenge for the UK property industry, highlighting the need for increased awareness and effective solutions to maintain the health and safety of tenants.

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