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  • Mal McCallion

'The Simulation' of South Park

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Lovably outrageous cartoon South Park got an AI update this week when episodes were dropped by a non-associated organisation called Fable AI. No word from the creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker as to their thoughts on their babies being used in such a fashion, but a lot of commentary from everyone else that - once they realised the genesis of these stories - FREAKED THE HELL OUT.

For those that decided to build these new episodes are not simply geeky fans of the show, ones that know a thing or two about machine learning. Oh no.

These people are Believers (capital B) in The Simulation (capital T, capital S).

Want to know more? So do I.

However, all we're limited to so far is some very cultish opining by various members of Fable - the company behind (caps again) The Simulation. Explicitly, they're trying to recreate Westworld, where AI characters roam free in an idyllic Wild West environment that human characters can then interplay with. They say that they'll avoid the messy stuff that is at the heart of that film/HBO series (spoiler alert: the machines cause significant harm to the humans) - but they do it with the glazed expressions of true believers, those that will never see their creations as anything but benign.

This could be Second Life (or the - +shudder+ - Metaverse) with Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) - or it could be complete rubbish. Meantime there's a lot of mileage in pushing out fan-fiction episodes of popular cartoons such as South Park (where the characters don't move with any degree of complexity).

It's worth keeping an eye on. But until Stone and Parker applaud the ability of AI to do their jobs for them, I doubt that we'll see many more South Park episodes done this way.

Others will likely just sue.

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