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  • Mal McCallion

Small debts? New AI Startup will collect 'with respect'

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Meet Respaid, the French tech company using AI to transform small debt recovery, supporting businesses worldwide

Have to say that, any business that's so strong on one word in its branding - here, 'Respect' - I love. Respaid's commitment to it is impressively strong and, once it's embedded (as it is repeated so frequently through their site), you generally start to believe it.

Bringing 'respect' to the tricky issue of small debt repayments isn't easy but, if they deliver on their brand promises - and testimonials seem to indicate they do - then this is a great startup template for the future.

They also seem to work. Can't find out if they specifically work in the UK just yet but, if they don't, I'd expect someone to replicate what they're doing with AI here very quickly.

And if they do? Then I don't doubt you have one or two debts that could do with their help ...

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