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Secure Your January Instructions in December

Image credits: Tetiana SHYSHKINA / Unsplash

December is often seen as a quiet period in the property market, with many potential buyers and sellers choosing to wait until the New Year to make their move.

However, savvy property professionals know that December is actually a golden opportunity to secure instructions for January. Here are three top tips to keep your agency at the forefront of prospective vendors' minds.

  1. Consistency is Key

Consistency in communication is crucial. Regular, targeted communication builds reliability and trust, increasing engagement with potential clients. Automating your on-market letters to send on a daily basis can increase success by an incredible 330%, according to a study by Spectre. So, keep your brand visible during the festive period by scheduling your marketing materials in advance.

  1. Diversify Your Approach

December is the perfect time to get creative with your marketing. Consider sending a combination of letters, visual mailers, and social media posts to reach your audience in different ways. Incorporating seasonal themes and designs can also help to boost brand awareness. For instance, festive postcards or interactive designs can catch attention and increase your brand's shelf life in people's minds.

  1. Target Withdrawn Properties

Data shows that October typically sees around 15% more property withdrawals than any other time between November and January. Use this quiet period to nurture these vendors and secure your agency as their number one choice for relisting. Set up a prospecting strategy to keep in regular contact with these vendors and make sure your agency is their first choice when they decide to relist.

In conclusion, don't let the festive period slow down your agency's momentum. By staying consistent, diversifying your marketing approach, and targeting withdrawn properties, you can secure a strong pipeline for the New Year and set your agency up for a successful 2024.

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