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Revamp Your iPhone: Siri Out, ChatGPT In!

Image credits: TechCrunch

Siri, the voice assistant we've all come to know (and sometimes love), might be taking a backseat on your iPhone.

Yes, you heard it right!

With OpenAI's ChatGPT Voice feature now free for all users, Siri might just have to pack her bags. The latest iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models come with a nifty new feature - the Action Button. This replaces the old Mute button and can be customised to perform a variety of tasks.

Want to snap a quick photo? Or maybe need a torch in the dark? The Action Button has got you covered. But the real magic happens when you link this button to the ChatGPT's Voice access feature. With a simple press and hold, you can kick off a voice session with ChatGPT. And guess what? It's like Siri, but much, much smarter.

Configuring the Action Button to launch ChatGPT is a breeze. Just head over to the "Action Button" menu in the iOS Setting screen, select the "Shortcut" option, and choose "ChatGPT." Then, tap the "Start voice conversation" shortcut, and voila! You've got your very own ChatGPT voice assistant.

With five diverse voices to choose from, ChatGPT is ready to answer your queries. But remember, you'll need the Shortcuts app downloaded on your iPhone for this to work.

The Action Button isn't limited to ChatGPT, though. You can use it for a host of other tasks, like ordering your favourite Starbucks coffee or starting a workout. Numerous third-party apps have also adopted the Action Button shortcuts feature.

And if you're feeling creative, you can even configure your own custom Shortcuts. Just tap on the plus sign in the Shortcuts app's main screen, choose the action you need, and add it to your shortcut.

So, why not give Siri a break and let ChatGPT take the wheel? It's a fun, smart, and efficient way to get things done.

Now, if only we could make it the default assistant on the iPhone…

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