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MMGuardian Leverages AI for Safer Kid-Phone Experience

Parents, breathe a sigh of relief! MMGuardian, the company known for its parental control tools, has just unveiled a smartphone that's all about keeping your kids safe.

In a world where the internet can be a wild west for young minds, this phone is a much-needed sheriff.

MMGuardian has teamed up with Samsung to create a smartphone that's designed with safety at its core. The MMGuardian Phone is a fusion of Samsung's reliable hardware and MMGuardian's expertise in parental control solutions. The result? A device that offers advanced monitoring and control features, along with anti-tamper technology to keep those tech-savvy kids from bypassing the rules.

What really sets the MMGuardian Phone apart in this increasingly crowded market is its use of AI. The phone uses deep learning models to scan texts and images directly on the device. This prioritises privacy and minimises the need to send potentially sensitive images elsewhere for analysis.

For teenagers, the device's AI can detect inappropriate selfies and alert both parents and children to potential risks. This feature provides an additional layer of protection against issues like sexting, sextortion and cyberbullying.

The MMGuardian Phone comes in three models, starting at just $119, with the MMGuardian Service priced at an additional $120 per year. It's unlocked and compatible with all major wireless networks in the U.S., allowing you to choose the airtime plan that best suits your needs.

From the A03S with its 6.5-inch display and 32GB of storage, to the A15 boasting 128GB storage and 5G network support, there's a model to suit every need. All models come with standard features like an ear jack and a 5,000mAh battery.

MMGuardian's move from app to phone is a logical evolution, and it's a game-changer in the mission to keep our young technologists safer in the digital world. So, parents, it's time to embrace the future of child safety with the MMGuardian Phone!

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