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McDonald's Teams Up with Google for AI-Powered Fries

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In a bid to optimise operations and deliver hotter, fresher food, McDonald's has announced a partnership with Google.

Starting from 2024, the fast-food giant will be deploying generative AI across thousands of its stores, following hardware and software upgrades.

While the specifics of how AI will be utilised remain vague, McDonald's has revealed that the upgrades will include on-location hardware and software in stores, as well as services provided through Google Cloud. The updated system is expected to enable managers to swiftly identify and implement solutions to minimise business disruptions.

Despite the potential implications for human workers, McDonald's has only mentioned that the AI system should "reduce complexity" for store crews and "power exciting new experiences for crew and customers." Similar sentiments were echoed by Wendy's, another Google Cloud AI customer, when they introduced AI ordering tests earlier this year.

The deployment of generative AI coincides with the introduction of a new "bespoke" operating system to harmonise the experience across McDonald's mobile app and store kiosks. McDonald's anticipates that these changes will result in "more informed tests and automated solutions to enhance restaurant operations."

While the specifics remain to be seen, it's clear that the fast-food industry is increasingly turning to AI to streamline operations and enhance customer experience. Whether customers will be "lovin' it" remains to be seen.

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