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Jitty Bags Google's AI Fund For Property Search

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Heads up, property professionals and business owners!

A new player is entering the property search engine game, and it's got Google's backing. Meet Jitty, a start-up founded by a trio of former Deliveroo executives, which has just secured a cool $2m investment led by Gradient Ventures, Google's dedicated artificial intelligence (AI) fund.

Jitty is all set to transform the home-buying process with its innovative use of large-language model (LLM) technologies and computer vision. These advanced features enable Jitty to read property floor plans, understand photographs, and make sense of home descriptions. It's like having a super-smart, tech-savvy estate agent at your fingertips!

What sets Jitty apart from its competitors is its fee-free approach. Estate agents won't be charged for listing properties or receiving enquiries. This, according to the Jitty team, will enable them to match homebuyers' requirements more effectively and provide a comprehensive resource for the property market.

Jitty was conceived out of the founders' own frustrations with the home-buying process. "We couldn't believe how bad the process is at every single stage," admitted CEO Graham Paterson. But instead of just complaining, they decided to create a solution.

And they're not limiting their sights to the UK. Jitty has plans to expand into other European markets.

Darian Shirazi, general partner at Gradient Ventures, is excited about the partnership. "We're excited to partner with Graham and the team at Jitty as they use LLMs and computer vision to completely reinvent the home buying experience," he said.

So, keep your eyes peeled for Jitty. Backed by Google and armed with impressive AI capabilities, this start-up is ready to revolutionise the property search game.

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