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IKEA's AI Assistant: Revolutionising Home Design Shopping

Updated: Feb 9

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IKEA Retail, a part of the Ingka Group, has recently launched an innovative AI assistant that's set to transform the world of home design and shopping.

This tool, exclusively available on the OpenAI GPT Store, utilises AI to provide personalised furniture and décor recommendations.

The IKEA AI assistant presents an interactive experience like no other within the GPT Store. Users can express their specific home design requirements and receive customised suggestions in return. The technology takes into account various factors such as room dimensions, personal style, and sustainability preferences.

The assistant provides access to IKEA’s extensive product catalogue, ranging from minimalist designs to artistic collections. Additionally, it offers design inspiration, shares real-life home transformation stories from the IKEA global community, and provides expert furnishing advice.

Currently, the IKEA AI Assistant is available to GPT Plus users in the US market. However, IKEA plans to expand its availability to additional markets where ChatGPT is accessible later in 2024.

Parag Parekh, the global chief digital officer at IKEA Retail (Ingka Group), stated: “The new IKEA AI Assistant on GPT Stores is an ongoing initiative, and the continuation of a journey that looks to enrich the retail experience and explore additional avenues to interact with our customers and coworkers, as they help us improve and develop further.”

This initiative follows IKEA's launch of AI-driven demand sensing technology in December 2023, which marked a significant step towards transforming its customers’ shopping experience.

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