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Google's New AI-Powered Tools Transform Education Landscape

Image credits: BoliviaInteligente / Unsplash

Google is taking a leap into the future of education, unveiling a host of AI-powered features designed to transform classroom management and accessibility.

These announcements were made at the Bett ed-tech event in the UK, showcasing Google's commitment to enhancing the educational experience.

The tech giant is enhancing its Classroom assignment feature, where teachers can add questions to a YouTube video. Soon, AI will offer question suggestions at different timestamps, a feature first announced in June 2023. Back then, teachers had to apply to access this feature. Now, it's becoming more widely available.

Google's Practice sets feature, which uses AI to generate answers and general hints, is now available in over 50 languages. Educators can also convert a Google Form into a practice set. A new Resources tab will be introduced to manage these sets and interactive questions posed during a video.

In terms of class management, Google is enabling teachers to form different groups in the Classroom and assign different assignments to these groups. The speaker spotlight feature in Slides will allow teachers to create a narrated lesson alongside the slide deck. An eSignature facility is also being introduced for easy collection of signatures for approvals or contracts.

Google is also enhancing Classroom analytics, allowing educators to view stats such as assignment completion and grade trends.

Accessibility is another key focus, with the ability to extract text from PDFs for screen readers on ChromeOS being added. Users can also highlight and read text aloud with the Chrome browser. Google Meet is also getting an upgrade with features such as closed captions in 30 languages and the ability to pin multiple hosts.

Finally, Google is set to launch 15 new Chromebooks this year and will update Chromebooks to allow students to view their upcoming assignments directly from the home screen. These innovations demonstrate Google's commitment to harnessing AI to revolutionise education.

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