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Google's AI Voice Feature Coming to Gmail Soon

Image credits: Google

Exciting news for Gmail users! Google is reportedly enhancing its AI-assisted email drafting feature, "Help Me Write", with voice support.

Currently available through Labs, Google's testing ground for new AI features, "Help Me Write" is a nifty tool that uses generative AI to help users draft emails. Users simply enter a written prompt such as "Help me write an introduction to someone I met at a conference", and voila, the AI generates a draft for you.

But hold onto your hats, folks, because the feature is about to get even more convenient. As spotted by TheSpAndroid, the Gmail mobile app now has a beta feature that allows users to activate "Help Me Write" with their voice. By tapping "Draft email with voice" above the keyboard, a microphone button appears for recording a prompt. Once the prompt is recorded, users can hit 'create', and an editable email draft is generated.

This development is part of Google's broader push towards integrating AI into its tools and services. We've seen this with Duet AI, an AI assistant for Google Docs and Sheets, and the AI-powered search experiment, SGE. Just last week, Google announced 'Circle to Search' on new Samsung devices, allowing users to search for things by circling an image.

While Google launched "Help Me Write" for Gmail last June, there has been no official mention of voice prompts from the company. However, this beta feature is a strong hint that an announcement could be on the horizon. So, stay tuned, Gmail users - drafting emails could soon be as easy as saying "Help me write"!

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