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General Motors revs up OnStar with Google AI

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Buckle up, folks! General Motors (GM) is taking a ride with Google Cloud's conversational AI, Dialogflow, to turbocharge its in-car OnStar service.

The collaboration, announced at the Google Cloud Next 23 event, marks an exciting turn in the road for GM's customer experience journey.

OnStar, GM's in-car concierge, has been cruising along with Google Cloud's conversational AI since its launch in 2022. The latest enhancements mean OnStar can now respond to common queries like navigation assistance, making the journey smoother for drivers.

This AI-powered upgrade aligns with GM's ambitious roadmap to build a $25 billion subscription business by 2030. Mike Abbott, executive vice president of software and services at GM, believes generative AI could revolutionise the vehicle ownership and interaction experience, creating new opportunities to deliver innovative features and services.

Since 2019, GM vehicles have been rolling off the production line with Google built-in, integrating Google Assistant, Maps and Play directly into the vehicles' infotainment systems. Earlier this year, GM announced plans to phase out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in favour of Google built-in, further cementing its partnership with the tech giant.

Thanks to Dialogflow, OnStar's virtual assistant is now handling over 1 million customer inquiries per month in the U.S. and Canada. The service is available in most GM vehicles from the 2015 model year onwards.

The chatbot has not only improved OnStar's understanding of customer requests but also enhanced its voice response, making it sound more natural and modern. Beyond providing routing and directions, OnStar's chatbot can answer simple questions and even detect phrases that may indicate an emergency, quickly routing the call to a human advisor.

Dialogflow also helps answer customer queries about GM vehicles and product features, pulling technical information from GM's vehicle data caches. Whether it's questions about GM's new 2024 EV lineup or how to use new tech features, Dialogflow has got it covered.

This collaboration with Google Cloud is a clear testament to GM's commitment to transforming customer engagement with its products and services. So, sit back, relax, and let OnStar's upgraded service take you on a smoother ride.

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