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ChatGPT Celebrates First Year with 110M Installs and £30M Revenue

Image credits: Rolf van Root / Unsplash

Happy Birthday, ChatGPT!

It's been a year since this AI chatbot was launched, and it's been a whirlwind journey. From a research preview to an everyday tool, ChatGPT has brought AI chatbot technology to the mainstream, and the numbers speak for themselves.

The ChatGPT mobile app, launched in May 2023 on iOS and later in July on Android, has been a game-changer. According to, a mobile intelligence provider, the app has now clocked up a staggering 110 million combined installs and generated nearly £30 million in consumer spending.

The app's revenue comes from the ChatGPT Plus subscription, which, at £19.99 per month, offers users a variety of perks including general access during peak times and faster response times. Despite being pricier than many music and streaming services, the subscription has seen a surge in demand, contributing to the £28.6 million in global consumer spending on mobile.

But it's not just about the money. ChatGPT's mobile app downloads continue to grow, with combined iOS and Android downloads now averaging above 4 million weekly. This puts ChatGPT ahead of other generative AI apps like Character AI, Ask AI, Open Chat, Nova, and others.

India and the U.S. are leading the pack in terms of downloads, accounting for 18% and 17.5% respectively. However, in terms of usage, ChatGPT ranks third behind Character AI and Chai, according to Android data.

The future looks bright for ChatGPT. predicts that by the end of 2023, ChatGPT will have added tens of millions more installs and revenue. So, here's to another year of AI-powered chatting!

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