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Bumble buzzes bots and ghosting in policy revamp

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Bumble, the popular dating app, has just released its updated community guidelines.

The aim? To crack down on bots, spam, ghosting, and doxing. The new policy applies not just to Bumble, but also to its sister dating app, Badoo.

The company is taking a stand against bots by banning actions like using automation or scripting to influence connections, matches, conversations, or engagement. It's a move that's already seen results, with over 8.2 million accounts blocked this year across its platforms, mostly thanks to Bumble's AI detecting fake and spam accounts.

Bumble has been investing heavily in machine learning to make its platform safer. Last year, the company even open-sourced its algorithm to detect unsolicited nudes.

The updated guidelines also include a crackdown on adult content. This includes content in profiles or attempts to buy, sell or promote sexual content.

Ghosting is also under the spotlight. Bumble will now count a "no-show" on dates - when two people agree to meet and one doesn't show up without any notice - as "bullying and abusive conduct."

Previously, Bumble's stance on ghosting was more relaxed, with the company advising users to see it as the other person's loss. The new guidelines reflect a change in attitude towards this common dating issue.

Doxing and victim-blaming are also being targeted, with these acts now considered rule-breaking offenses under the "Bullying and Abusive Conduct policies" policy. This will apply to all company properties, including Bumble, Badoo, and the newly released Bumble For Friends (BFF) app.

It's a bold move from Bumble, and one that shows the company's commitment to creating a safer, more respectful online dating environment. However, the company hasn't yet provided details on whether it plans to update its reporting options to reflect these changes, and tackling off-platform violations of these rules will undoubtedly present challenges.

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