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  • Mal McCallion

AI Titans marking their own homework

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

What happens when you put four AI Titans in a room together?

First, they come up with a stupid name. Next, it's a 'framework' of how to regulate themselves. Then they encourage everyone that they come into contact with (including governments) to agree to said framework, spread some of that cash that they're going to generate from AI around to ease the process and kick back and wait for their shared investment to pay off.

Gone are the days when big competitors actually compete. Google and Microsoft are currently supposed to be arm-wrestling over the future of internet search itself, with the latter's Bing finally making a dent in the former's all-conquering website due to its embrace of OpenAI's Chat-GPT. Yet here they are, together in a forum with (checks notes) - oh yeah, OpenAI.

Anthropic is the other attendee / believer / cartel member. Want to know where their founders came from? OpenAI. Then they got $300m from Google.

Far be it from me to disrespect such huge brains but it does seem slightly odd that this incestuous circle are not only commandeering the entire knowledge of humanity (documented and ingested via the known internet) then mixing it up and selling it back to us - they are also sitting in darkened rooms together, agreeing to form a union (essentially) to stick up for their rights over anyone else's.

And then there's one other thing that's even odder. The hold-out - the big dog that isn't in the pack - is Meta, née Facebook. A world where Mark Zuckerberg comes across as the principled one? That's a world which I'm struggling to make sense of anymore.

Who knows, perhaps next we'll be hearing that Elon Musk has thrown out any last vestige of value from his $44Bn acquisition of Twitter by changing its name!

What's that?


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