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AI Storytelling: Fun for Kids, Nightmare for Copyright?

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The world of children's entertainment has a new player - AI.

The insatiable demand for new episodes of popular children's shows like Bluey has led to the creation of AI-generated stories, personalised for each child. Luke Warner, a London-based developer and father, used OpenAI's latest tool, GPTs, to create a story generator featuring Bluey and her sister Bingo for his daughter.

However, these AI-generated stories, while entertaining, are not without their legal and ethical concerns. The use of trademarked names and images can infringe copyright laws, and the laws around stories "written" by AI are still unclear. The issue is further complicated by the international nature of these creations, with different copyright laws in different countries.

Despite these concerns, there's no denying the potential of AI in children's storytelling. AI-generated stories can be personalised, engaging, and readily available. However, the quality of these stories is still a work in progress, with many noting that they lack the charm and wit of their human-written counterparts.

Moreover, there are also concerns about the safety of the content generated by these AIs. While most stories are harmless, there have been instances of inappropriate content being generated. Developers are working on improving the moderation of these stories to ensure they are suitable for children.

In conclusion, while AI-generated stories are a promising development in children's entertainment, they are not without their challenges. As technology continues to advance, it's crucial to navigate these issues carefully to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for our little ones.

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