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AI Predicts Heart Attacks Decade Early, Oxford Study Reveals

Image creidts: Robina Weermeijer / Unsplash

In a thrilling development, researchers at the University of Oxford have found that artificial intelligence (AI) could predict heart attacks up to a whopping 10 years in advance.

This is not just a game-changer, it's a potential life-saver!

The study, funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), explored how AI could enhance the accuracy of cardiac CT scans. These scans are typically used to spot blockages or narrowing in the arteries. However, the BHF notes that many patients later suffer heart attacks due to the scans' failure to pick up small, undetectable narrowings. Enter AI, stage left!

The researchers analysed the data of over 40,000 patients who had undergone routine cardiac CT scans at eight UK hospitals. They then tested an AI tool on a further 3,393 patients over nearly eight years. The results? The AI tool was able to accurately predict the risk of a heart attack.

But the story doesn't end there. When AI-generated risk scores were presented to medics for 744 patients, 45% had their treatment plans altered as a result. That's nearly half of all patients having their treatment improved thanks to AI!

The hope is that this AI tool will soon be implemented across the NHS, potentially preventing thousands of avoidable deaths from heart attacks every year in the UK. So, while we may be property professionals and business owners, we're all human at the end of the day. And this breakthrough could mean a healthier, longer life for many of us. Now that's what I call a property worth investing in!

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