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  • Mal McCallion

AI on their own supply

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Sam's back in the news!

I know. It's been +hours+.

This time it's philanthropic Sam, throwing some of that investor cash at journalism students for them to study ethics and stuff. As we are gradually learning that Altman doesn't do literally anything without an ulterior motive to promote the interests of one or other of his sprawling business empire, how should we consider this particular, heavily-trailered step?

I think there's no doubt that by driving an OpenAI-sponsored, ethical AI course, he gets his image-laundering work in early. If, say, it is discovered that AI does drive depression, unemployment, loneliness and fear then it's not because he's not trying to stop all that stuff. Look what he's doing with the young people, yeah?

It's also likely that an additional reason is encouraging this to be an early intervention - and it's because of the Ouroboro.

Ouroboros are ancient symbols depicting a serpent eating its own tail. The Greeks and Egyptians loved it and it came to be adopted in Western culture in alchemy. Its relationship to AI - and to the 'supply' of this blog headline - is that AI is in grave danger of ending up eating only itself.

Let me explain.

Every foundational Large Language Model is based on a version of the complete internet. Most, including ChatGPT-4, are currently locked onto a frozen version of the internet as it was in September 2021. That means it has no idea, for example, of the death of Queen Elizabeth II or that house prices would ever stop rising.

Now that everyone is merrily using AI to create stories (see Aussie News Corp creating 3,000 stories a week this way), this imperils journalism as a trade. If no one is doing journalism - creating brand new stories - and everyone is only regurgitating stuff from 2021 or another fixed moment in time, then essentially the version of the internet that it is going to have to learn from in 2025 is going to be one which is the same old dross regurgitated by AI a million different ways.

Thus, in the end AI will eat its own tail (and, actually tale).

So Sam and the gang need to ensure that there are more journalists coming through to feed his insatiable beast. The supply of new news is absolutely critical to their business models because - if they kill all the good journalists - who's going to pay him the zillions if it's just the same old thing, different day?

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