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AI Image Theft Sparks Feud Between Midjourney and Stability AI

📸 ModelProp / Midjourney

Midjourney and Stability AI, two prominent players in the image generation AI space, are currently embroiled in a controversy over - wait for it - image theft.

Yes, you read that right!

According to a tweet by AI enthusiast Nick St. Pierre, the alleged digital heist took place last Saturday. The accusation? Employees from Stability AI supposedly infiltrated Midjourney's database and made off with all prompt and image pairs. This cyber caper even caused a 24-hour outage on Midjourney's end. The response? A swift ban on all Stable Diffusion developers from Midjourney's services, as revealed in an internal company disclosure last Wednesday.

The plot thickened when both David Holz and Emad Mostaque, the respective CEOs of Midjourney and Stability AI, chimed in on the Twitter thread. Holz confirmed the theft and hinted at some information already in their grasp. Mostaque, on the other hand, denied any involvement in the digital larceny and pledged to aid the investigation. Given the friendly rapport between the two CEOs, their statements appear sincere rather than mere damage control.

Nick St. Pierre further shared a detailed overview of Midjourney's office hour notes, shedding more light on the incident:

As it stands, the situation continues to evolve, with limited information on the actual perpetrators and whether Stability AI had a hand in this digital heist. Stay tuned for more updates on this AI feud!

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