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AI Particulars Writer

Time is money. The administrative burden of taking properties on has never been greater, from regulatory compliance to the number and quality of images to organise and upload. 

Remove one headache from your list with ModelProp's AI Particulars Writer. Saving around 15 minutes per property, it will help your team by providing that first-draft of the property's description from just bulletpoints - and all in your tone of voice, using your best examples as the guide.

Every output is a first-draft property description in your style and tone of voice.

Completely You

Control the quality of how your vendors and landlords see their properties online.

Consistent Quality

At just £49* per month, the efficiencies are significant and RoI considerable.

Incredible Value

With 15 minutes or more saved per property, what else could you be doing?

Huge Time-saver

Particulars Writer uses your best property descriptions as its guide to replicating your UK English style - you can 'red list' words to avoid too.

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