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AI Consultancy

AI is complex.

Work with a team that gets it. One whose bespoke AI Consultancy understands your unique circumstances, your unique processes - and who builds AI solutions around a strategy to achieve your specific, desired outcomes.

ModelProp cuts through the noise, delivering you a customised AI stack that works with your team and processes to achieve your company goals.

Whatever your goals, we select the right AI for the right process to get there.

Tailored To You

We target areas with quick wins - ensuring that the benefits come quickly.

Immediate Impact

Worries about AI are natural - we help inspire staff to embrace the positives.

Team Training

We ensure that the AI deployed has an eye on the future - and what's next.

Long Term Results

On-site and remotely, ModelProp's specialists are ready to help you to navigate the complex new world that is AI. 

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