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AI Assistant - AILSA

Customer service has always been one of the most time-intensive activities of any estate or letting agency. 

With ModelProp's AI Local Services Assistant, AILSA, you get to distil your entire business knowledge, terms and conditions, team makeup, history, local facilities - even your favourite restaurants - into one accessible point-of-contact.

Whether it's a tenant with a problem or a vendor looking to find out more about your services, your AILSA covers it first.

AILSA is fully-trained to understand your business and respond as you.

Completely You

Every day it will pull in fresh info from your website, including property data.

Constantly Updated

At just £99* per month, it's the most cost-effective content source out there.

Incredible Value

Get back to doing what makes your business great, let AILSA take the strain.

Huge Time-saver

AILSA learns everything there is to know about your agency, area, properties and more. Then it acts as a customer service rep for you.

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