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Revamp Your Playlist Art with YouTube Music's AI

Image Credits: YouTube

Craving a dash of personalisation for your YouTube Music playlists?

Well, the wait is over! YouTube Music is now offering a fun and innovative feature that lets you jazz up your playlist cover art using generative AI. No more settling for the default image, it's time to let your creative juices flow!

This feature, currently available for English language users in the US, allows you to create AI-generated art by simply tapping the pen icon in the bottom right corner of your playlist's cover art. You can then choose a category for your image, be it animals, food and drink, colours, nature, or travel.

Feeling adventurous? Hit "randomise" and let the AI surprise you. Or, you can choose from several prompts, like creating a pug "in the style of a Medieval Gothic painting". Yes, you read that right! The AI will then generate five different images for you to choose from. Once you've selected your favourite and hit "save", voila! Your chosen art becomes the face of your playlist.

This new feature is a significant upgrade from the previous system where YouTube automatically created an image by merging the art for the first four songs in your playlist. Now, you can capture the vibe of your playlist even without using your own images.

But that's not all! YouTube Music has also announced several other features set to roll out soon. One such feature is the "speed dial", which places your most listened-to content on your homepage for quick access.

Over the past few months, YouTube Music has introduced several changes to its app, including the ability to create custom radio stations and a TikTok-like Samples feature. With these exciting updates, YouTube Music is definitely stepping up its game in the music streaming world. So, brace yourselves for a more personalised and engaging music experience!

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