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📸 ModelProp / Midjourney, a leader in transcription services, has just unveiled Meeting GenAI, a suite of tools designed to provide insights based on your meeting history.

The new tools include Otter AI Chat across all your meetings, AI Chat in Channels, and Summary View. The first of these, Otter AI Chat across all meetings, allows users to generate content like emails and answer questions using Otter AI Chat. This tool can access all meetings across multiple workplace collaboration and communication platforms. It's like having a personal assistant who's attended all your meetings and can recall every detail!

AI Chat in Channels enables users to chat with team members using Otter AI Chat. It's currently available to select users, but everyone will get their hands on it in the coming weeks. Summary View, which was previously unveiled, provides users with a live narrative summary of the transcript and is now generally available.

With Meeting GenAI, is looking to shift its image from a mere transcription service to a provider of valuable insights from work meetings. The aim is to help users extract valuable information from their meetings, transforming them into a data goldmine.

While is targeting customers who prefer Microsoft Copilot, Google Gemini, and Zoom, it faces the challenge of providing enough value to convince users to switch from these platforms that offer more services.

Despite these challenges,'s strategy of offering its products for free and providing a larger usage capacity for paying business and premium users could give it an edge. The Pro version is priced at $10 per user per month, and the Business version at $20 per user per month.

So, if you're looking for a tool that can help you gain insights from your meetings across different platforms, keep an eye on's new Meeting GenAI!

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