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Jitty-gritty: New portal ready to do the hard yards

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

At my favourite intersection - that of property and technology - it’s always exciting to see innovations that have the potential to impact the industry.

This week, I met up with Graham Paterson, the forward-thinking CEO of new property portal startup, Jitty. With the backing of influential entities like Google's AI investment fund, Jitty has garnered a robust £1.6m in support, and is gearing up to make a positive difference in the lives (and wallets) of hard-pressed estate agency owners.

Graham exudes an open and earnest demeanour, emphasising his passion to free agents from the restrictive grip of platforms such as Rightmove. Jitty is designed to do the hard yards, enabling agents to retain control of their listings whilst never charging any fees. Jitty can seamlessly pull-in property data from public sources or receive an upload from CRM systems. And whilst agents can opt-out anytime, the benefits of free exposure and leads - plus some genuinely new AI technology that the other portals would struggle to match - make it something I think agents are likely to want to see the results of themselves.

I explored agents' possible reservations about cultivating another overpowering technology platform with Graham. He was clear – Jitty is here to provide a genuine alternative and help agents efficiently control their portal spend, doing all the heavy lifting so agents can simply get on with their days whilst receiving free leads.

Another innovative aspect of Jitty is its dedication to improving user interaction by allowing consumers to use natural language searches for properties, a shift from the outdated Web 1.0 filters that many portals still cling to. AI is interwoven into Jitty's fabric, offering a distinct edge in the competitive, tech-centric property market.

With his background in renowned consumer tech firms like Deliveroo - as well as that Google AI cash - Graham and his team strike me as a genuinely different and interesting challenger to the portal status quo. It's been a long time since the last credible one - but might we finally be seeing a new option in the battle to control online listing fees?

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