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Hyperplane's AI Revolutionises Banking Customer Experience

Image credits: JERO SenneGs / Unsplash

Meet Hyperplane, the San Francisco-based startup that's on a mission to revolutionise banking.

Emerging from stealth today, Hyperplane announces a $6 million funding round, led by ex-Stripe exec Lachy Groom. The startup's goal? To help banks predict customer behaviour using their first-party data, enabling them to create personalised experiences.

Currently working with a dozen banks in Brazil, Hyperplane has set its sights on the U.S. market. While banking is its current focus, the team has plans to expand their technology into other sectors.

The founding team, including Felipe Lamounier, Daniel Silva, Rohan Ramanath and Felipe Meneses, bring a wealth of experience from edtech startups and tech giants such as Google and LinkedIn. Their core hypothesis revolves around building a personalisation layer for banks worldwide, leveraging the vast first-party data banks possess.

As Lamounier, Hyperplane's CEO, explains, banks hold a wealth of granular data about their customers that isn't available to other services. This data can provide more accurate insights into customer behaviours, offering a unique opportunity for personalisation.

Hyperplane offers banks APIs to build personalisation models in real-time, with all deployments being private and no data sharing involved. The startup currently offers two modules: one for building audience segments and another for creating lookalike audiences.

Hyperplane's most recent launch, Mandelbrot LLM, is a model designed to help banks predict customer behaviours such as churn or primary bank selection. The startup claims its services have already helped a Brazilian neobank increase transaction volume by 46% by providing a clearer vision of customer incomes.

With plans to announce its first U.S. partnerships soon, Hyperplane is set to make waves in the banking industry. Watch this space!

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