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Google's Generous Gesture: Boosting AI Skills in Europe

Image credits: Mitchell Luo / Unsplash

Google is stepping up its game in Europe with a generous pledge of 25 million euros to enhance artificial intelligence (AI) skills across the continent.

The tech behemoth's commitment is a clear sign of its dedication to empowering people with the knowledge and skills to harness the power of AI.

The funding, announced on Monday, will be directed towards social enterprises and nonprofits that can help reach those who stand to gain the most from AI training. In addition, Google is set to run a series of "growth academies" to support companies that are leveraging AI to scale their operations.

But the tech giant's commitment doesn't stop there. It has also expanded its free online AI training courses to cover 18 languages, making AI knowledge more accessible than ever.

Adrian Brown, executive director of the Centre for Public Impact, which is partnering with Google on the nonprofit scheme, highlighted the importance of this initiative. He pointed out that the benefits of AI could potentially widen existing inequalities, particularly in terms of economic security and employment. This program, he said, would help people across Europe develop their AI knowledge, skills, and confidence, ensuring that no one is left behind.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of Google's decision last month to invest $1 billion in building a data centre just outside of London. The new data centre, located in Waltham Cross, is part of Google's strategy to meet the growing demand for internet services in the region.

In conclusion, Google's latest move is a strong statement of its commitment to fostering AI skills and knowledge in Europe. It's an exciting development that promises to bring AI within reach of more people than ever before.

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