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Google Cloud & Hugging Face: A Power Duo for AI Developers

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Google Cloud, the cloud computing division of Alphabet Inc, recently announced a partnership with AI startup Hugging Face.

This collaboration aims to simplify the development of artificial intelligence (AI) software on Google Cloud, meeting the growing demand for customised AI solutions from businesses of all sizes.

In an era where AI tools are increasingly consumer-focused, businesses are exploring ways to harness AI for their unique needs. This partnership is a response to that trend, enabling companies to train, fine-tune, and optimise their own AI models.

Hugging Face CEO, Clem Delangue, sees this as a sign of the times. "Every company is training, fine tuning and optimising their own models, which is the direction that the field is taking," he said.

Google Cloud CEO, Thomas Kurian, predicts that the demand for cloud-based AI computing will soon outstrip the traditional cloud software market. "It always starts infrastructure up because you first got to put in the machines that reflect the demand - and grow from there," he explained.

The deal includes a revenue-sharing agreement, the specifics of which remain undisclosed. It will allow developers using Google Cloud's infrastructure to access Hugging Face's repository of open-source AI software, including models and datasets.

Hugging Face, a central hub for open-source AI software, inked a similar deal with's cloud unit in 2022. This partnership was driven by the increasing interest of cloud customers in customising or building their own AI models.

The Hugging Face repository of AI-related software is set to double in size in the next four months, a testament to the burgeoning interest in AI software development. Google Cloud users will also have access to Google's in-house built AI chips and Nvidia's advanced AI chips, the H100, in the coming weeks.

This partnership signifies a significant step forward in the world of AI, offering businesses tailored, efficient, and powerful AI solutions.

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