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EU Supercomputers Fuel Responsible AI Startup Growth

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

The European Union (EU) has a new plan in the works, and it's all about giving AI startups a boost!

But there's a catch. It's not just any startup that can get its hands on the EU's high-performance computing (HPC) supercomputers. Only those who align with the EU's AI governance program can take advantage of this opportunity.

Back in May, the EU unveiled a set of voluntary rules for industries developing and applying AI. These were designed as a temporary measure while formal regulations were being developed. Now, the EU is dangling a rather attractive carrot in front of AI startups - access to its high-performance computers.

But why is the EU doing this? Well, the idea is to encourage "responsible" AI development. The EU's AI governance strategy involves some enticing incentives, including access to these supercomputers. But only for those startups that are willing to play by the EU's rules.

So, what's the big deal with these supercomputers? Well, they're pretty powerful machines. The EU currently has eight supercomputers located around the bloc, mostly in research institutions. These include the pre-exascale HPC supercomputers Lumi, MareNostrum 5, and Leonardo.

And the EU is not stopping there. Two more powerful exascale supercomputers, Jupiter and Jules Verne, are set to join the fleet in the future.

The EU's AI Act, a risk-based framework for regulating AI applications, is still being negotiated but is expected to be adopted soon. In addition, the EU has initiated efforts to work with the US and other international partners on an AI Code of Conduct.

But the EU's focus on AI safety has been directed at reducing less theoretical risks associated with automation, such as physical safety, bias, discrimination, and disinformation.

The EU's plan to expand access to its HPC supercomputers to AI startups for model training is a clear effort to encourage the "right kind of innovation". That is, tech that aligns with European values.

So, if you're an AI startup looking to make a difference in the world, the EU's supercomputers could be your ticket to success. Just make sure you're ready to play by the rules!

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