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ChatGPT Users Gain Access to Le Monde, Prisa Media Content

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In a significant development for AI users, OpenAI has announced a partnership with media publications Le Monde and Prisa Media. This collaboration will allow ChatGPT users to access French and Spanish news content from these reputable sources. The content will also be utilised to train generative artificial intelligence models, reflecting the growing influence of this technology across various sectors.

Le Monde CEO, Louis Dreyfus, hailed the partnership as a strategic move, emphasising its role in ensuring the dissemination of reliable information to AI users, while safeguarding journalistic integrity and revenue streams.

This partnership follows similar deals last year between global news publisher Axel Springer, the Associated Press, and OpenAI, which explored the use of generative AI in news. However, these collaborations are not without their challenges. News publications are grappling with issues such as copyright infringement and fair compensation when their content is used to train large language models.

Last year, OpenAI and Microsoft faced a lawsuit from The New York Times, which accused them of using millions of its articles without permission. Other news organisations, including the Intercept, Raw Story, and AlterNet, have also sued OpenAI, alleging misuse of their articles to train the AI system behind ChatGPT.

Despite these hurdles, the partnership between OpenAI, Le Monde, and Prisa Media marks a significant step forward in the integration of AI and journalism, promising benefits for both ChatGPT users and the media publications involved.

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