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AI Model Outshines Human Influencers, Earns £8,000 Monthly!

Image credits: The Clueless Agency

The Clueless, a Barcelona-based agency, has created Spain's first AI influencer, Aitana López. This pink-haired digital diva is raking in up to 10,000 euros (£8,000) a month, out-earning many of her human counterparts.

Aitana, a 25-year-old AI-generated model, has quickly become a sensation on Instagram, boasting a whopping 124,000 followers. The agency's founder, Rubén Cruz, shared with Euronews that the decision to create Aitana came from frustrations with real models and influencers.

Projects were often delayed or cancelled due to issues beyond the agency's control, typically stemming from the influencers or models themselves. Cruz stated, "We did it so that we could make a better living and not be dependent on other people who have egos, who have manias, or who just want to make a lot of money by posing."

Aitana's Instagram account is a colourful collection of 56 photos, showcasing her in various outfits and scenarios, all created using Photoshop. She's also featured on Fanvue, an OnlyFans-like platform, where images of her in lingerie are posted.

But Aitana isn't just a pretty face. She's been designed with a distinct personality, described as a "strong and determined woman" and a "passionate Scorpio" with a love for video games and fitness.

Aitana's success is indicative of a growing trend. More and more AI models are cropping up on social media and adult content platforms, like Emily Pellegrini, another AI influencer with over 100,000 Instagram followers.

Fanvue's CEO, Will Monange, believes AI-generated characters will soon be as widespread as human creators.

So, whether you're an influencer, a business owner, or just a curious observer, keep an eye on this space. The AI revolution is here, and it's changing the game!

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