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AI Videography

When a property isn't quite right for a full video, ModelProp's PropClips Pro can deliver the perfect 60-second animated short.

Using AI to script, animate, add music and even enable an avatar of your team member to narrate the voiceover, PropClips Pro is the cost-effective and clean way to promote the homes of even your most challenging vendor or landlord.

Just send us ten photos and a couple of bullet-points and we do the rest.

Simplicity Itself

AI will script, narrate, add music, then make the images move - in 24 hours.

Complete Service

From as little as £20* per video, any vendor or landlord will love the output.

Incredible Value

A subscription per month is cost-effective but the option for PAYG provides flexibility.

Choice of Plans

If you're not ready to subscribe to PropClips Pro on a monthly basis, get in touch with us to organise a pay-as-you-go plan. 

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